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Krebs Public School Covid-19 Safety Guidelines and Protocols for Athletic Events

Each elementary player will receive two (2) tickets for each game. Junior
High players will receive four (4) tickets per game. No admission without
ticket. We will follow this guideline if Pittsburg County remains in Orange
or Red status for Covid-19.

All patrons must wear a mask and be temperature checked before being
allowed to enter the gym. Refusal to wear a mask or be temp checked will
prevent admittance into the gym.

All patrons are to exercise social distancing procedures and sit in
designated seating areas. Due to this protocol, seating is limited, there fore
requiring tickets for admittance.

Ticket holders (parents and family) of 3 rd /4 th grade players are encouraged
to leave after their students’ game unless you also have a 5 th /6 th grader
playing. Ticket holders (parents and family) of 5 th /6 th grade players are
encouraged to leave after their students’ game as well.

Krebs Public School will inform the visiting team 48 hours in advance of
game regarding seating. Visiting teams will have a set number of seats and
tickets will be required.

Locker rooms will only be accessible to players, coaches, and essential staff.
Congregating around the locker room area is prohibited.

All coaches, players, and essential staff will wear face coverings up until
they take the floor.

All Krebs employees working the gate, concession, book, or clock will
always wear a mask.

As we continue to navigate these unpredictable times during the Covid-19
pandemic, we ask you to be understanding and cooperative in following these
safety protocols. The health and safety of everyone in attendance is our top

Thank you,

Krebs School Administration